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Kerry Nel, founder and designer of Brenna Lou Jewellery

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Without a doubt, one of the greatest privileges in my life has been to be a mom to four incredible human beings. The joy I have received in not only bringing these little babes into the world, but watching, with deep satisfaction, our tribe grow, has been priceless. They are now grown young adults with hearts of gold and they continue to inspire me in all that they do. I can so testify to the truth that my ceiling is their platform!

After 26 years of being a mom - and all that goes with that - I wanted to honour this beautiful journey and salute all the incredible moms out there who are walking this road.  Brenna Lou Jewellery was birthed out of my absolute love for this sweet season of raising kids - the joys and yes, the heartaches too. I have found such soul food in connecting with so many moms who have purchased our Mama Rings - hearing their stories, their joys, their sad losses at times, their struggles and their delights. We all walk our own road, our own paths, yet the common ground of loving another so desperately, is what binds us moms together - we all know the depth of those feelings!


I trust, that whether you hold your little ones (and not so little ones) close or whether they have already left home, our jewellery will be an ever present reminder to you of the privilege of being called 'Mom".

Thank you for allowing me the honour of being just a small part of your mothering journey.



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