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A modern day heirloom

"I never knew how much love my heart could hold, until someone called me mommy."

Becoming a mom is honestly one of the most beautiful, incredible experiences we get to enjoy on earth. Whether you have carried that child for those nine months inside you or in your heart, the  moment when you hold that little person in your arms, the mother love kicks in and your parenting journey begins...

To celebrate the journey of motherhood, we wanted to create a unique, memorable ring or pendant just for you - each ring/pendant is custom made, individual and designed just with you and your child in mind.

20210702 Shantelle Visser Photography Brennalou1.jpg


Our dainty string of baguette and round stones are arranged as a series of “dashes” and “dots” that spell out the initials of your child's name in Morse Code. Our two unique MAMA ring ranges: Contemporary and Classic, offer a selection of stones from Moissanites to Diamonds (and many in between). Delicate, unique and memorable, each ring is custom made for you and your child. Pairing your rings, you can wear them proudly on your finger to celebrate each of your children.



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