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We've introduced our classic MAMA range for those moms (or dads) who are looking for a modern day heirloom ring - a timeless treasure (to perhaps pass onto your child one day).

Our beautiful Diamonds are custom cut into dainty 2mm rounds for our 'dots' and 2x3mm baguettes for our 'dashes'.

If you are wanting classic Diamonds for your MAMA ring, please enquire below. We have even sourced some extremely rare (and totally beautiful) pink diamonds for one of our special clients. Should you wish to use Emeralds or Rubies for your MAMA ring, please drop us a mail and we will custom quote you.

Please send me a quote for my Classic Mama Ring
(Rings from £600 - £1200 )

Thank you for submitting an enquiry. We will get back to you shortly.

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